September 11-13, 2003 - Ohio and Pennsylvania

We had our mail sent to Huron, OH because there was a Passport America campground we could stay at in that city.  On September 11th we drove straight south, avoiding Detroit for both traffic and smog reasons, and looped around Toledo before heading east to Huron, OH.  It was a long day of 241 miles to the campground, The Huron River Valley Resort:

The campground was mostly a fishing camp on the river, but nice:

The next day was quite busy.  We picked up our mail, we did our laundry at a Laundromat, we looked around the area including this distant view of the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky:

We also found a "u pick" raspberry place and picked raspberries.   There were some nice views in the area, with the river and wild flowers:

When we came back to the campground we found it was full of Escapees, it turned out the Fall Escapade was taking place in a couple days and just to the west of here.  When we had originally planned our journey east we knew the Escapade, one of two annual conventions for Escapees, was in the area, but we hadn't realized we would be so close. 

On the 13th we drove through Cleveland, OH and up to Lake City, PA to a campground on Lake Erie, Camp Eriez, 151 miles away.  "Eriez" were the local indian tribe which were wiped out by the Iroquois in a territorial war of the fur trade.  We were hoping to stay with a view of Lake Erie, since we had already stayed with views of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, but our campsite was a long ways from the lake:

We did drive around the campground and these are views of Lake Erie and some of the campers with lake views:

A storm or possibly a tornado had done some damage close to the lake recently, we didn't find out any details:

Someday we will stay somewhere with a view of Lake Erie, but at least this campground was on the lake.

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