April 28, 2003 - Aruba, snorkeling and shopping

We docked at Oranjestad, Aruba the morning of April 28 and we had a snorkeling cruise planned.  Here is a picture of the Summit from the dock and snorkeling ship:

We were not the only ones on the water, even though it was a bit windy:

We snorkeled:

Note: We have disposable underwater camera pictures in storage, so someday we will retrieve and scan them to show the snorkeling pictures.

When we were done snorkeling, we headed to a place for lunch:

It was a nice stop, we had time to look around:

After the snorkeling trip we showered and changed.  Here is the view of the reef protecting the harbor from our stateroom:

We were ready to shop in Oranjestad and here is the map on the dock:

Diane was looking for loose rubies and we scored big, she got three really nice stones for what she expected to pay for one nice one.   It was hot so after the purchase we retreated to the ship and air conditioning.   Aruba looks like a good place to come for a longer time and rot.

Here is what Oranjestad looks like from the ship:

Tomorrow is another sea day, but then we need to be up early for the Panama Canal.

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