May 7, 2003 - Cabo San Lucas

May 7th found us anchored at Cabo San Lucas.  We had a naval ship and the beauty of the area to look at:

We had been to Cabo before and took a snorkeling trip.  We enjoyed that snorkeling trip enough to do another one.  First we had to take a tender to shore and then we boarded the snorkeling boat and headed out, with a bit of sightseeing along the way:

We stopped and looked at Lover's Beach, which goes between the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez.  No lovers this early:

We did some snorkeling and then did some sightseeing.  There is the Summit in the distance and a view of the Pacific through a slot:

Heading to Lands End:

Some California Sea Lions:

This big one decided it was nap time:

Then we headed east and snorkeled close to this beach:

The snorkeling trip was great, we have underwater pictures to share when we get them found and scanned.  Then we headed into town and ate at the Giggling Marlin with its resident rooster:

The food was more American Mexican than Mexican, but good.  Then we wandered to the harbor:

The brown pelicans are everywhere and used to people:

Back to the ship we went and then Bill took many pictures since it is so scenic.  Lover's Beach was now occupied:

Others were enjoying the Summit:

Here are a couple of panoramic shots of Land's End:

Now it was time to leave:

Proof that Lover's Beach extends to the Pacific:

Cabo was worth coming back to.

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