May 2, 2003 - Costa Rica including a volcano

May 2nd we docked in Costa Rica.  Bill's godfather moved to Costa Rica about the time Bill went to college.  He moved back to the US to take care of his wife's parents just after Bill had finished college and went to work.  Bill's mother got to visit Costa Rica during this time, but Bill didn't have the money.  Finally he was seeing Costa Rica.

Here is how we were docked:

We booked an all day bus tour to a volcano and then some other attractions.  Our guide spoke English like an American.  It turned out he grew up in New Mexico with a Costa Rican father and American mother.  He chose to live in Costa Rica for the benefits, but traveled to the U.S. a lot.  We got the impression he had dual citizenship.  It was a long ride to the volcano.  Here is our guide saying to take the trail fast before the volcano clouds in and another picture showing the trail:

We made it in time, but notice more clouds as the pictures progress:

We had been looking at the volcano about 10 minutes.

It was clouding in and people were after their last photos, then it was totally obscured and we walked back noting the plant life along the trail:

We drove through the countryside heading for the central valley where most people live.  The valley is high enough in elevation to be more comfortable, but not too high, another reason people like Costa Rica:

We stopped at a place with lots of plants for a nice meal:

Then we saw the famous Steel Church while it started to rain.  We visited a combination ox cart factory/store where we bought some coffee and sauces.  Afterwards we got on the bus for the long drive back to the ship.  Once we were on board we watched the frigate birds before dinner.

Bill did see the town name on a sign where his godfather lived and could see why they liked living in this country.

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