April 24, 2003 - Everglades Tour in the morning

We were picked up by the tour van in the morning, it was not a very nice van and the sound system was terrible.  We realized the concierge had booked us on a tour "similar to the brochure" instead of the brochure tour.  After the hassle with the limo versus rental car the day before we realized the concierge at the Embassy Suites was nothing like the Hyatt, they were out for themselves here while the Hyatt ones were trying to please.

The tour van took us to the airboat place and there was a purple gallinule hanging around:

The airboat was loud but fun.  Here are some sights:

We stopped at an island for more of the tour and saw this cat.  In the summer this cat must be very hot with all that fur:

You could buy overpriced gifts and eat alligator, but the main attraction was the alligator handler:

Notice his hand, once he was slower than the alligator.  What a way to make a living:

Then the airboat took us looking for wildlife:

We found a wild alligator:

The airboat we were on was the first one to the scene of the Valujet Flight 592 crash:

The tour was over, they dropped us back at the hotel.  We don't know if the tour that the brochure had was any better, but we decided that one air boat ride was enough.

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