May 10, 2004 - Tonto Natural Bridge SP, Part 2

Diane under the bridge:

The rock looks interesting:

Columbine here, just like at Montezuma Well:

We took the long trail back and thought we were not dressed for it.  Another group was in flip-flops and they definitely were not dressed right:

Another view of the bridge from the top:

While walking across the grass we were surprised by this rattlesnake:

It is a black tail rattlesnake, about as mellow as rattlesnakes can get. 

The rattlesnake just went on its way.  We later told a ranger and they went to catch it since some school groups were coming.  They were going to relocate it away from the visitors center area.

The sign says it all:


We enjoyed our trip over to Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. On the way back to Camp Verde we had a wild turkey fly overhead.

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