December 11, 2004 - Photography at Badwater, Part 1

Here we are at Badwater Basin, the lowest place in Death Valley and the lowest place in the Western Hemisphere:

A sign on the lowest places on Earth:

The red arrow shows where the Sea Level sign is:

A close up of the Sea Level sign:

The boardwalk going into the salt flats

Looking back from the salt flats:

We had waited to come here so we could go on a ranger led photography class.  The idea was to take interesting pictures, "artsy" is our term.  These two galleries are the pictures we took, one set by Diane and the other by Bill.  We are not saying who took which set.

Artsy pictures 1

Artsy pictures 2

Take a set of old shoes or boots and a set of pants you can wash to go into the salt flats.  You will get salt on them and they do need to be cleaned or the salt will destroy them.

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