December 20 to 31, 2004 - Hesperia for the holidays

On December 20th we drove 96 miles to Diane's sister's house in Hesperia, CA and were the third motorhome camped:

Diane's parents are in front of us and Bill and Donzella are to the passenger side.  Bill and Donzella left on the 23rd to be with some of their family.  We had a good time with them in the few days we overlapped.

It was just before Christmas so we did some last minute shopping and Diane wrapped presents.  We also did a lot of visiting.

Christmas morning was the crazy time, here are some pictures of the fun:

Later in the day everyone was getting ready for portraits:

Here is the favorite family portrait:

We stayed past New Years but didn't take any more pictures.  Another year over.

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