May 1 to 3, 2004 - New Mexico in early May

May 1st we drove 209 miles out of Dodge City, Kansas across the panhandle of Oklahoma and into Clayton, New Mexico where we stopped at the Clayton KOA:

Clayton is a small place and the people were nice.  The campground owner let Bill borrow some tools to make it easier to install the new air conditioning shroud.  Of course we did not take pictures of the new shroud.

May 2nd we drove 285 miles back to Enchanted Trails in Albuquerque, the same place we stayed at on the way east.

We thought we were in great shape to head back to Arizona in the morning, but it was not be.  The engine made some really bad noises driving out of the campground and we ended up driving very slowly on the frontage road instead of the freeway.  Finally there was a "bang bang" sound and everything sounded like normal.  We called for service and were told to go to Big West Truck Center so off we went:

It was a few hours before someone could come out to look but once they did they found a gasket had come loose on the main engine fan, banged around and finally ripped off.  The fan was not damaged, the engine did not seem any louder, so it looked like we were fine.  They ran the engine through full diagnostics to make sure and set it back to factory defaults.  No charge.  They were great and we were very happy.

Off we went and everything seemed fine.  With the late start we only made it 172 miles to USA RV Park in Gallup, NM.  Here is our campsite:

This was not a campground we would come back to, it was high priced with strange rules and narrow unlevel sites. 

The entire time we had owned our motorhome we had wanted a dealer to run our engine through diagnostics and make sure it was at factory defaults.  Everyone told us it was not needed until we hit 50,000 miles except one tech who told us he did not have time but he had seen many that needed the check every 15,000 miles.  We had about 35,000 miles on the motorhome.   Finally someone did set everything back to factory defaults and it did not cost us any money.  What it did do is increase our power and fuel economy for the last couple of fuel tank fills before we traded in the motorhome.

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