June 16, 2004 - Cessna flight to Friday Harbor for lunch

June 16th we drove down to the Bremerton airport to meet Diane's parents Gregg and Rosalie.  Gregg was flying their Cessna 172 from Kennewick and we were all going to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands for lunch.  We didn't get any pictures of the outside of the plane but Bill got to try his new camera on the flight up.  Here is a typical view:

The Seattle skyline was hazy:

Some places were not hazy:

The Olympic Mountains:

Mount Baker in the distance:

Friday Harbor coming up:

We landed and walked into town for lunch and had a good time.  Then we hung around the docks for a bit and Bill took pictures of the area:

We watched a Washington State Ferry come in:

It was time to get back so we walked back to the plane and took off.  Here are two pictures of Friday Harbor from the plane:

We had to take a different path back since President Bush was in the Seattle area and that caused airspace restrictions.  Here are a couple ferries going between the San Juan Islands:

About the best photo Bill got of Mount Hood:

Shallow water off this shoreline:

The Seattle skyline was a bit less hazy but it took turning the contrast up high to to see it:

Here we are coming back into Bremerton airport to land, bugs on the windshield and all.

Gregg secured the plane so it could sit a few days and we all went back to Poulsbo.

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