October 10 to 16, 2004 - Utah parks

October 10th we left Nevada and drove 154 miles east on US50 to Antelope Valley RV Resort in Delta, UT.  Decent place to stay and cheap since it is a Coast to Coast campground.

Delta is a small town with not much around it. 

October 11th we drove east and hooked up to I-70.   We were heading to Green River, Utah.

Scenic Stops on the trip to Green River

207 miles later we were in United Campground of Green River in Green River.  We had a melon farm as a neighbor. 

The next day, October 12th, we stopped in town for picnic supplies and then headed back west on I-70.  These are some of the views along the way.

We turned south on Utah highway 24 and headed for Goblin Valley State Park.

Goblin Valley State Park, October 12th Part 1 Part 2

After the state park we re-visited the I-70 viewpoints by car.

October 13th we drove 59 miles to Arch View RV Park, just north of Moab, UT.  We had a view from our campsite:

Snow capped mountains in the distance:

October 14th we visited Arches National Park Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

October 15th we visited Canyonlands National Park - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

October 16th we did the Mountain Loop - Part 1, Part 2

We tried a couple places to eat, but the Moab Brewery was the only memorable one.  Moab is on our list to come back and spend more time. 

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