April 20, 2004 - Wells Dairy (Blue Bunny Ice Cream)

After driving a ways in farm country we found ourselves in LeMay, IA, the home of Wells Dairy and Blue Bunny Ice Cream.  We were expecting something like the factory tour at Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook, OR.  It was not to be.  They have a museum that costs $3 each and we were miles from the real factory, which is off limits.  We went into the museum to pay and there was no one to take our money.  We made some noise, no one came out.  After about five minutes we left, I guess we were not going to see the museum.   We went next door where they had an ice cream parlor and had a dish of ice cream each.  For us this was a complete bust and we were not happy.

Here are pictures of the museum and ice cream parlor area.

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