April 5 to 7, 2004 - Around Clarksville, TN

Our nephew Jeremy, his wife Tiffany, son David and a friend came over to see us as soon as we called.  David needed some energy burned off so Tiffany took advantage of the campground playground to play with him.

We took Jeremy, Tiffany and David out to dinner at the Longhorn Steakhouse.  Here is Jeremy and David.

David and Tiffany.

Bill sent these pictures to his sister Tanya in email, she had not met either David or Tiffany yet.

One day we had free time from visiting and we drove to the Land Between the Lakes.  We stopped at the recommended restaurant of Patti's Settlement and Bill had the "famous pork chop".  It was OK, but not worth going out of our way for.  Bill loves pork chops and has had better.

Land Between the Lakes has a buffalo herd:

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