Alabama, Oct 26-28, 2005

When planning how to get to the Florida Panhandle from Heiskell, TN we noticed there was a cavern on the way and it had a campground.  Off we went for 158 miles to Sequoyah Caverns and Campground in Valley Head, AL.  The county road in had some low branches, the campground roads were tight but we setup and here we are:

Then we toured the cavern, which is a fast growing one that floods sometimes and is known for its mirror pools.  It had been dry, so the pools were low.  Photos never seem to do a good cavern justice:

Here is a bat on the ceiling:

Here is one set of formations and a close-up that looks like a woman sitting by the water:

A ceiling picture with fossils and a close-up of the same:

Sequoyah Caverns was named for Sequoyah, a Cherokee who came up with the Cherokee alphabet and gave them a written language.  You can read more about this amazing man here: .

The next day we went to a campground in the north part of Montgomery, AL.  We have pictures of the place, but it's not remarkable.  We drove around the city and had dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, but didn't find the city to our liking. 

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