April 11 to May 10, 2005 - Back in Washington State

April 11th we drove back into Washington State and went 106 miles to Bill's mothers house in Tumwater, WA.  We had a nice visit since we hadn't seen each other since August.

April 12th we drove 78 miles to Eagle Tree RV Park in Poulsbo, WA.  We are regulars here and got one of the better spots for us:

It was interesting being in the area in April, plants were still leafing out and it wasn't warm yet.  We visited with Nancie and Sandy.  Kia was happy to see us.  The Sound looked much the same as always, very scenic:

On the 17th we headed to Tall Chief in Fall City, WA, 104 miles away by the route we took.  The place was mostly empty and we got a prime spot:

We were last here in August 2004.

Here are the bikes on the back of the motorhome:

We decided that Lake Pleasant was closer to our doctors so we moved to it on the 24th, it was a 30 mile drive:

We visited friends, we went to the doctors, we got set up for our summer driving to Alaska and back.  We realized that Tall Chief wasn't really that far, so maybe we didn't need to pay for Lake Pleasant if we can do everything in two weeks. 

The last doctor visit was our dentist.  Bill had the first appointment and was done before Diane had seen the dentist and was waiting.  There was suddenly a loud conversation between the dentist and Diane and the dentist asked her receptionist to make an appointment for Diane with Swedish Sleep Center.  Diane had strange plaque and after a couple questions the dentist thinks Diane has sleep apnea. Bill took notice and thought, "that explains a few things".  The appointment was made and Bill realized we might not be going to Alaska this summer. 

The doctor visit to Swedish Sleep Center happened and the doctor was very sure Diane had sleep apnea, now we had to wait for her scheduled sleep study in June or for a cancellation.  We had to redo our schedules to stay close by Seattle.  We also told Bill's sister, Tanya, that we might not be going to Alaska and seeing her.  Tanya was disappointed but knew from experience that medical facilities were much better in Washington than Alaska.

We took the ferry back to Poulsbo on the 28th to get our mail:

and back in the evening:

The ferry was really easy outside of summer, when it can be very crowded.

Olympia was still close enough so we kept our scheduled move to Outback RV Park in Rochester, WA to see Bill's mother and some other people.  We headed to Rochester on May 6th, a 96 mile journey.  Here was our campsite:

We last stayed at Outback in August 2004.

When we visited Bill's mother, Elena, we caught Meesha watching the birds through the window:

Here is Meesha inside:

Elena had a new car:

Elena wanted some current pictures taken of her and the house:

While in the area we visited some friends, here is Jean, Jean's cat and some of her hand-made ornaments:

We had arranged some warranty work on the motorhome in Kent, WA and needed to head back north on the 11th.  We started planning to stay in Washington state until mid-August when we needed to head east to Michigan.

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