July 10, 2005 - Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic NP

We had seen the pictures and always heard about how interesting the Olympic National Park rainforests were, but hadn't visited before.  We finally drove into the Hoh Rainforest on July 10th. 

As we drove east and higher in the Olympics we could tell the rainfall amounts were increasing from the moss on the trees.  We ended up taking a ranger walk and walking the trails on our own.  It was dark and the camera couldn't take good pictures so we didn't take many, but it was an interesting place.

These two shots show looking up and looking at a tree, looking up you lose all detail but the outline because of how dark it is below the tree tops:

Here are shots of the moss, this is real moss not Spanish Moss:

The infamous Banana Slug:

A few minutes before we got to the stream elk were sighted, we missed them but multiple people told us about it so we looked hard:

We did sight this Douglas Squirrel, I had to punch up the picture to show him:


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