March 20 to 24, 2005 - Spring Escapade in Imperial, CA

On March 20th we drove 83 miles down the west side of the Salton Sea to the Spring Escapade site in Imperial, CA.  They directed us on a long journey and we ended up here:

Here is a view from the main section of the rally:

We were actually close to the action. 

Each year the Escapees have two big conventions/rallies called Escapades.  The Spring one is in the west.  This was our first Escapade.

We opted to dry camp, no hookups of any kind.  Some people had limited electric and some stayed where no generators were allowed.  It was not sunny and we were not pointed to get the best sunlight so we used our generator to keep our batteries up and to use appliances.

There are always some interesting RVs are rallies, Bill liked the looks of this one:

We met up with friends and had a great time.  Every evening the door prizes were given out, there were lots and it took a lot of time:

Quilts were raffled off:

The Boomers got together for a potluck and Dave entertained everyone.  You can see how much fun people were having:

This was our first Escapade but it will not be our last, we really enjoyed it.

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