August 21, 2005 - Another trip up the Bow Valley Parkway

We again drove down the Bow Valley Parkway, this time to take the trail at Johnston Canyon.  On the way we hit a traffic jam, better known as a "wildlife jam" and it was a black bear:

The bear did get spooked by all the people and went away.

Then we made it to Johnston Canyon where we encountered these flowers:

Then we took the hike up Johnston Canyon:

This squirrel was used to being fed, even though there were signs all around not to feed them, we didn't feed it:

We made it to the lower falls, but Bill was not sure he had recovered enough from all the activity the day before to go on, so we turned around and went back from here:

Soon after we headed back on the road we saw some people looking at something on the side of the road, it was a deer in the woods.  Here is about the best we could do for a picture:

A bit later was another wildlife jam, for a bull elk.  These are pictures Bill took from the drivers seat through the passenger window:

The elk didn't care if people stopped.

On the way into Banff we saw bighorn sheep under the bridge, but they were in too dark a spot for a picture. 

We shopped a bit more in Banff and tried the only Mexican restaurant in town.  The restaurant was not worth it, we decided not to eat Mexican till we got someplace we knew it was good.

On the way back the bighorn sheep had moved to the side of the road:

It was a good last day in the area, we saw wildlife.  We were worn out and the weather had been wonderful for our stay.

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