January 1 to 7, 2005 - Ramona, CA (San Diego Wild Animal Park)

We had a good New Years at Misty's house but it was time to leave.  On January 2nd we left Misty's house, filled up our propane tank, and headed 144 miles south to Ramona Canyon RV Resort in Ramona, CA.  The campground is fairly close to Escondido and San Diego, but the highway from the interstate is a curvy one over the hills, so it is slow going.  Here is our campsite:

A close-up of the reflection of the satellite dish on the motorhome:

It was very wet much of the time we were in Ramona.

On the 5th we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

There was a wild turkey in the campground and one day the turkey and Evita, with Diane on the other end of the leash, stalked each other.  When one would turn around the other would start stalking.  It was fun to watch:

January 6th was also a nice day so we took a loop trip east over the mountains and then south to Alpine.  At the high point there was snow:

In Alpine we ate lunch at Mediteraneo, it was good.

Then the rains came back.

While in Ramona Bill's notebook computer started to die so we were glad to be close to Escondido and San Diego where we could research replacements and get a new one.  We ended up with a Sony at Costco, it was an upgrade in all areas.  (In July 2006 we replaced the hard drive in the old notebook and gave it to Bill's sister to become familiar with Linux on.)

We also reacquainted ourselves with Hunter Steakhouse in San Diego, a four star restaurant we first tried in December 2000 when it was next to our motel.

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