March 9, 2005 - San Diego Wild Animal Park

On March 9th we drove up to Escondido and visited the San Diego Wild Animal Park again, our last visit was January 5th.  We got a late start, but it was still a good visit.

The lions were napping:

The Tram ride was fun, it is nice to see the animals have so much room and interacting:

The bonobos were active and so was a lion as the tram finished:

We walked up the trail to condors and other California desert animals:

It was getting late so we had to leave the trails and come down close the entrance and the ponds. 

The birds were very helpful and let us take nice pictures even in the fading light:

This one let us get some great shots:

The light was fading so these shots needed to be brightened:

We were glad we bought a San Diego Zoo membership since we visited both the Wild Animal Park and Zoo twice each.

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