December 14, 2006 - Road to Ashford Mills (Big Horn Sheep)

We headed for Ashford Mills to see if there were any wildflowers and also we were hoping to see some bighorn sheep.  At Mormon Point we came upon these five sheep:

We watched and took pictures as cars zoomed by not seeing the sheep:

They started moving further away.  This shot shows how they can blend in since all five are in the picture:

They started getting too far away to get good pictures:

We moved on to Ashford Mills:

There were no wildflowers, just a few plants that might be wildflowers in a couple weeks.

We had better luck in 2004.

On the way back just past Mormon Point we saw these three bighorn sheep:

Cars still zoomed by not seeing them:

Suddenly one of them decided to head across the road:

A second one followed, the plants must taste better over in the salt:

The last one doesn't know what to do:

OK, I will join you:

We started to slowly move forward and they decided to pace us:

Then they decided to cross the road again in front of us:

Off they went up the hillside:

We reported the sighting at the visitors center.  We also learned the volunteer we told was in Alaska all this summer also, mostly fishing.

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