December 11, 2006 - Charcoal Kilns

The charcoal kilns are about as far from Furnace Creek as we could go in Death Valley so we went first thing.  Most of the road is paved with the last two miles unpaved with rocks and all up hill.  We met an ordinary car coming down as we went up, so it was no problem with our 4WD CRV. 

Look at that snow.  It was cold up here:

Rabbit tracks and we think we saw some coyote and deer tracks:

The road continues up the hill, but we did not go any further.

The insides of the kilns still smell of charcoal and the echo inside when you talk is fun:

Diane showing how big the kilns are:

The view down the valley:

The snow on the shaded slopes:

Back down we went and we only met one other vehicle on the way down.  It is definitely the quiet time at Death Valley.

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