December 13, 2006 - Dantes View

To get to Dantes View you take a road up to over 5,000 foot elevation.  The last part of the road is restricted to 25' vehicles or less since it is narrow and a 15% grade. 

On the way we went by the newly closed town of Ryan where they are closing the last mine down.

Dantes View is the opposite view of the valley of that from Aguereberry Point. 

This is the view from the parking lot, four shots from south to north.  In some you can see the road below:

A telephoto shot of where the Badwater Basin access comes out, but no people were visible this afternoon:

We took the trail out:

The view from the trail:

Artists Drive telephoto shot:

The trail back to the parking lot:

The surroundings including the rest rooms and trailer parking area:

A panorama of Dantes View (click for a larger version of 200Kb):

We met a couple from Switzerland who were visiting.  They lived in the U.S. for many years and used to work in the same area as Bill in Richland, WA.   Small world again.

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