December 10, 2006 - Zabriskie Point

Just down the hill from Twenty Mule Canyon is Zabriskie Point, a famous spot to watch the sunrise and sunset.  They were having a photo shoot in the parking lot area when we came in:

The woman was in exotic makeup and they had a group of people and a motorhome for the photo shoot.

Looking up from the parking lot to the viewing area:

Zabriskie Point:

The surroundings:

Everyone was also watching the photo shoot in the parking lot:

Sunset is coming:

Some people coming back just in time, it is getting dark and cold quickly:

The last light on the mountains behind us:

The photo shoot people were getting coats and jackets and the model was wearing a coat between shots.  It was fun to see the sunset at Zabriskie Point and having the photo shoot to add to the experience was great.

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