August 2 to 8, 2006 - Fairbanks, AK

It was an easy 112 miles drive from Denali National Park to River's Edge RV Park in Fairbanks. 

The view north shows the Chena River, the house is on the other side of the river:

To the south and southeast were many trees so we were unable to get the satellite dish to work.  The campground wireless was not working in the campground though it had a signal, to get on the internet you had to be by the office.   The next day they rebooted their internet computer and we could get online from our campsite the rest of our stay.

August 4th we took the Sternwheeler Discovery Tour in the afternoon

On the 5th we tried the Pump House for lunch and found they had a fabulous lunch buffet for $12.95.  We ended up talking to two fisherman who came by boat.  One is originally from Washington state and the other has relatives there and visits often.  Bill missed getting their pictures until they left, so here they are in the boat:

Due to the yellow jackets the patio was closed, but it is a nice place:

They also have lots of flowers:

Then we drove north and visited the Pipeline Visitors Center:

One of the pigs that runs through the pipeline:

A close up of the sign:

The pipeline going south from the visitors center.

A view of Fairbanks south of the visitors center:

August 7th we set the alarm for 5AM since we we were flying to Barrow in the morning for a day trip.  The shuttle van picked us up and took us to where we checked in.  At 8:05AM they cancelled the flight since Barrow was fogged in.  We were disappointed, but did not want to get stuck in Barrow.   They had room for the afternoon trip to Coldfoot.

Flight to Coldfoot

We ended up eating at two restaurants twice in Fairbanks, lunch out for all four meals.  The Pump House lunch buffet was good enough to repeat and we talked to one of the chefs who was happy we remembered the dessert from the first time.  We also like The Bakery, it was reasonably priced for good food.

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