July 4 to 16, 2006 - Visiting Tanya in Kenai, AK

We mostly spent our time in Kenai visiting and playing with computers.  We also watched more TV than we were used to since Tanya (Bill's sister) watches all day long. 

Here is how the house looks from inside the driveway:

This is from the road, the motorhome is in front of the CRV and invisible.  Notice how large the satellite dish is:

From in front of the motorhome looking out:

The Dell laptop collection.  The one on the left is Tanya's.  The one on the far right was ours and we gave it to Tanya after installing a new hard drive.  While in Kenai we got SUSE Linux 10.1 running on it.  The one with a blue cover is ours, the hard drive failed in May and Diane got a new computer.  Now we replaced the hard drive and installed Ubuntu 6.05 Linux on it after playing with SUSE 10.1.  Tanya felt she liked SUSE better and Bill decided he liked Ubuntu better.  We spent an amazing amount of time messing with these computers in two weeks.

One day we drove north of Tanya's about six miles to Captain Cook State Park.  Here is the view across Cook Inlet with the contrast turned up to make the mountains show up:

Here is Tanya taking our picture with Cook Inlet in the background:

Another day we drove down to Homer and this was a picture of Mt Redoubt from just south of Kenai on the Beach Road:

North of Homer was a pull-off with a flower garden:

The Homer Spit.

The weather went bad while we were in Homer so we didn't do much but have lunch and buy some jam.

This is Tanya's dog Poohbear, he is eight years old and much calmer than he was in May 2000:

This is Xena, also eight years old and very affectionate:

Mouser is the other cat, and like the other two critters he is eight years old.  Mouser decided we were evil since we brought Evita, he avoided us and these are pictures of him outside:

Xena seemed to remember us the best from our visit in May 2000, she especially liked how Diane scratched her chin.

Here is a bad picture of Tanya but it is the only other one we took in two weeks:

We did some shopping and helped Tanya with a couple small projects while visiting.  We went out twice to eat in Kenai, both Louis's and Paradisos were both quite good and we can recommend them.

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