April 19-22, 2006 - Lake of the Springs (Oregon House, CA)

April 19th we drove 135 miles to Thousand Trails Lake of the Springs in Oregon House, CA.  Here is our campsite:

We stayed in the "D" section, which was mostly clear and had sweeping views.  Lake of the Springs (LOTS is how most people refer to it) is not close to anything but has wildlife.

Here is a wild turkey in the next campsite over:

Here is a redbud in bloom.

Some of the views from the D section:

The lake:

Interesting clouds:

It was quiet and nice at LOTS.  We drove into Oroville one day to check out routes to Chico, not a good route for a long and wide vehicle.  We drove to Grass Valley one day to see that city, it reminded Bill of Sonora, CA, which he knew from his youth.    Another day we drove into Marysville and did some shopping, we were not sure we would have time in Chico.  LOTS was quite relaxing, we knew it would be more busy in Chico.

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