July 19, 2006 - Wildlife and Glacier cruise from Seward, AK - Part 1

This is where we paid for our cruise with our Toursavers coupon:

The walk to the ship:

The ship, Glacier Express:

Heading out the harbor on a cool and wet morning here is a view of where we were camped:

A blurry close up showing us on the left (green windshield) and Dave and Connie's motorhome on the right:

A sea otter:

A small waterfall:

Seabirds in the cliff:


Sea lions:

A bald eagle a ways away, just barely visible:

We spent about half an hour going across the open ocean with 5-8 foot seas.  About 30% of the passengers got sick.  Bill got a little queasy, but survived.  Then we were in the more protected Aialik Bay.

Pederson Glacier on the left, Aialik Glacier on the right:

A closer look at Pederson Glacier:

We are heading for Aialik Glacier:

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