December 2006 - views of Laughlin, NV

We could see some of the casinos in Laughlin from the back of the motorhome, but to get a good look we needed to take a short walk.

The view at night:

The Aquarius is the former Flamingo Hilton:

Here is a grainy night picture from 2004 of the Flamingo Hilton when they used flamingo colored lights:

Laughlin in the daytime in 2006:

The "new" Aquarius in daytime:

In the daylight this was the Flamingo Hilton from 2004:

It doesn't look much changed in the daylight as the Aquarius.   We hoped the Aquarius was at least as nice as the Flamingo inside and at the buffet.  It was not as nice, the interior was dark and the buffet was not good.

The most fun exterior is the Colorado Belle:

You can also see many of the RVs dry camping in Laughlin in this picture in the upper left. 

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