December 1, 2006 - Oatman, AZ

Oatman and historic Route 66 were a trip we had missed in 2004.  Our friend Dick recommended it.  On the way to Oatman we found decorated bushes for Christmas:

This is what the view is:

More decorated bushes:

The strong winds had thrown some of the decorations around and in this case most were no longer on the bush:

The Red Hatters had the most fun:

Another group of Red Hatters:

Lots of Xmas stockings:

Our car by one of the bushes:

The view just before coming into Oatman:

Oatman with one of its famous wild burros:

Lots of wild burros:

The main street heading east:

A burro and Diane:

The main street heading west

The burros are wild and you can only feed them carrots and only in the town:

More on the burros:

The town has gift shops and some restaurants serving basic foods like burgers.  It is mostly for the tourists anymore, and the burros.

We had lunch at the Olive Oatman Restaurant, named after Olive Oatman.  During lunch the restaurant took a phone call asking questions about a parade coming up.  The man taking the phone call had to put the phone down and laugh at one question, "do they decorate the burros for the parade?"  The person on the phone heard him laugh and got mad at him, but we also laughed.  They are wild burros, they are strong, and if you tried to decorate them you would get hurt.

Heading west the road is windy, narrow, and goes over a pass.  It is fairly scenic but since Bill was driving we didn't get any pictures.  We then hooked up to I-40, went east to Kingman and drove back to Bullhead City.

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