March 29 to April 7, 2006 - Spring in Southern California

March 29 we drove 125 miles to Indian Waters RV Resort in Indio, CA from the BLM land in Quartzsite, AZ.  On the way we stopped and filled both our propane tank and the motorhome's diesel tank in Arizona where it is cheaper than California.  This is the same campground that we stayed at in March 2005.

Bill put the satellite cable on the roof this time and tied it off and that seemed to work well for keeping things off the grass.  Nothing is allowed on the grass in these campsites.

We matched up for dinner with Susan and Rick of the evening of the 29th and had a great visit.  We will meet up on the road sometime in the future.

We again had lunch at Rosa Marillos in Indio and realized it was not included in our restaurant reviews page, we fixed that oversight.  Other than some shopping we didn't do much in the Coachella Valley area this time, mostly we were after full hookups for a couple days.

March 31st we drove 108 miles and parked again at Diane's sister Misty's house, which we last visited in March 2005.   We were not able to take the full hookup site next to the garage since Misty was having a pool installed:

It was quite windy, notice how the slide topper awning is bowed:

It got really windy and rained hard so we turned the motorhome around Monday morning so the passenger side faced the wind.  Just after we turned around the Gunite people came to work on the pool, so it was good we were parked on the concrete.  You can see the Gunite hose in the picture:

The wind also knocked over the satellite dish so we moved it to a safe spot.  Bill figured out how the 1x4 boards could move and the stand would collapse if the wind was just right:

We had a great visit and added some restaurants from Hesperia and Victorville to the restaurants page.  We bought some 2x6's and Bill built a new and sturdier satellite stand.  The wind kept us inside most of the time and Bill forgot to bring in the camera, so we have only a couple pictures.  Here is Lovebug:

Here are the Gunite people finishing up their portion of the pool install the day we left, Thursday the 6th:

Since Misty and the girls were busy with school during weekdays, Misty is a teacher, we had the days to ourselves and decided to head out Thursday since the weather was nice.  We drove 185 miles to Lost Hills RV Park, formerly Lost Hills KOA, in Lost Hills, CA.  We had last stayed here in March 2003.

Here are more pictures of the place, including the new satellite stand made of 2x6's instead of 1x4's:

We needed 25' of sewer hose and it was a bit uphill:

It was a bit noisy since we were close to I-5 and the truck stops, but we really appreciated the heavier insulation in the Dutch Star compared to the Dolphin we had when we last camped here.

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