February 6-11, 2006 - Summerdale, AL

We drove 247 miles on the 6th from Tallahassee, FL to Rainbow Plantation SKP park in Summerdale, AL.  We had stayed here in January 2004 also.  Here is our campsite:

Across from us we have a 2002 Dutch Star that looks just like Mike's and there is this small Airstream trailer just up the way, we love the variety Escapees have in RVs.:

Once we were setup we went to Lamberts Cafe for dinner in Foley, it was fun and good just like we remembered.

February 8 we took a day trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to see the damage from Katrina, here is the web page with our pictures and thoughts.  It also includes another web page of before/after pictures we received in email.

February 9 we toured down to Gulf Shores, AL and mostly the damage was washed out streets and driveways:

Otherwise we didn't do much, but we did hit Lamberts again for lunch on the 10th, brought leftovers home and still didn't eat dinner.  It is filling. 

Our original plan was to head out on the 10th, but windy and wet weather was coming so we hunkered down.  The rain was done in the night of the 10th but the wind was all day on the 11th.   It was at least breezy every day we were in Summerdale and most nights were near or below freezing.  On the 11th the high was at midnight, 63, then it cooled off as the cold came south and didn't get above 48 during daylight.

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