June 28, 2006 - Glacier Cruise Part 1

They picked us up about 9AM for the glacier cruise and took us to the boat to check in.  Here is the harbor.  We were taking the Valdez Spirit with Stan Stephens Cruises.  The weather was wonderful, clear and calm:

Here we are on the water:

The marine terminal they put the oil from the pipelines on the ships at:

More pictures of the beautiful harbor area:

About here we started seeing many sea otters, but you have to go to the Animals gallery for those.

The Alaska Ferry that goes between the Prince William Sound cities:

The shoreline where two harbor seals just went into the water:

Anderson Glacier and Anderson Falls:

Icebergs coming off Columbia Glacier:

Columbia Glacier:

We went in among the icebergs, but didn't get closer than seven miles of the glacier:

Heading away from Columbia Glacier.

We had lunch during this part of the cruise:

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