June 29, 2006 - Sightseeing around Valdez, AK

We drove back up the highway with the car to take pictures.

The tunnel with a washed out picture of Diane due to the high contrast between the dark tunnel and the outside light:

Close to the tunnel were some wildflowers, like this Cranesbill (wild geranium):

More columbine:

A small waterfall:

On the way up the pass was this wildflower, which might be dwarf fireweed:

With clover:

Looking back at the river:

The low cloud ceiling makes for some interesting scenery photos:

This porcupine was around the Blueberry Lake campground:

We were told we should have camped at Blueberry Lake campground by someone who had no idea how big our motorhome is.  A couple spaces would hold a 30 foot RV, but no way could a 40 foot one fit.  Here is Blueberry Lake, just below cloud level and Thompson Pass:

On the way back we took pictures of the waterfalls.  Here is another picture of Bridal Veil Falls:

Horsetail Falls:

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