June 27, 2007 - Cape Disappointment State Park

We visited the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Cape Disappointment State Park.  It was very interesting.  We didn't take any photos inside.  These are photos just outside the building.  This is the Washington side (north) jetty at the mouth of the Columbia River:

The Oregon side (south) jetty:

The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse is close by.  The North Head Lighthouse is not visible but would be behind us.  There are two lighthouses since one is visible from the south and one from the north.

Extreme telephoto of the end of the north jetty:

Extreme telephoto of the end of the south jetty.  Some of those bumps must be sea lions:

About cormorants

The cormorants:

This poppy was in the grass:

The entrance to the interpretive center:

A better view of the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse:

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