November 3, 2007 - More fun in Key West, Florida

We went out to the Big Pine Flea Market on November 3rd, a Saturday, since we liked it in 2003.   Turns out it was only partially running, this is still off season.

On the way back we stopped to see the famous Bat Tower:

Not much to see, more information

We decided to go into Key West and have lunch.

A charter had just come in so they were filleting some fish, mostly tuna:

A brown pelican was hoping for a bit of the scraps:

There were fish visible in the water, as always:

A nice hibiscus blooming in town.

There were no cruise ships in port today so Mallory Square was quiet.  Here is one of the excursion boats coming in with Sunset Key in the distance.

Sunset Key is only accessible by water.  It has a fancy restaurant on it that requires reservations so they can transport you over.

Back around Key West Bight we could make out this tarpon in the water:

There was also a nurse shark we could barely see, this photo has the contrast turned up to make it visible:

We had a nice lunch at Caroline's Cafe on Duval Street.  We expect to go back to Caroline's since we really liked it.

We also booked a catamaran trip to Dry Tortugas National Park on Monday the 5th. 

Once we came back home we retrieved our masks and snorkels from where we had them stored and made sure they were in working order.  We did that by snorkeling off our dock. The water temperature was fine but it was a bit murky.  The equipment was still in good shape. 

A bit later an iguana went out on the neighboring dock.  Then another one came to the end of the dock and started to challenge the first, the second one was larger:

The smaller one on the dock:

The larger one:

Eventually the larger one started to advance:

Diane watching the iguana action:

One minute the smaller one was on the dock and the next it wasn't.  We don't know if it ran past the big one, got pushed overboard or jumped in the water.  But all of a sudden while we were not looking there was only the larger one.  The excitement never ends.

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