November 6, 2007 - Another sunset in Key West, FL

We went into Key West again to see another sunset.  By the parking garage it was easy to get a close-up of the flowers on this tree.

The nurse shark and tarpon were still by Turtle Kraals.  This photo has the contrast turned up to make them stand out:

A lucky photo of a tarpon at the surface:

The Silver Shadow was back from Fort Lauderdale, starting a new cruise:

The powerboats were out practicing or showing off:

We got ready for the show:

A tourist biplane going by:

The Silver Shadow looks like it is leaving during sunset and will ruin the sunset:

Bye bye sunset:

People booed and left.  We decided the ship was moving fast enough we might still see the sunset.  We were not disappointed.

It is showtime!

The sunset light on the Silver Shadow as it turns:

There are clouds low to enhance the sunset:

A telephoto towards the end:

A wide shot at the end with the Silver Shadow sailing off:

Our last photo of the sunset:

Afterwards we had a good dinner at Conch Republic Seafood Company.

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