November 11, 2007 - Our last day in Key West, Part 1

We decided to go back to the Blue Hole and see if much had changed.  Same alligator, but we saw more turtles.

This was a large fish:

The turtles did not seemed bothered  by the alligator:

Some more fish photos through the murky water:

We went looking for Key Deer and saw three but only got this one lousy photo.  We saw two bucks and one doe, one buck was at least a 4-point.

We never succeeded in photographing a Great White Heron during our two weeks, though we saw a few while driving. 

After stopping by the motorhome for a while we decided to go into Key West for our last sunset and our last nice meal in town. 

We took a little different walking route and took a picture of the Key West Express, which goes between Fort Myers and Key West every day.  There is a small possibility we might take this ship from Fort Myers in the winter.

Since the powerboat races were over many of the powerboats were leaving.  Some were heading to the boat ramps and some were going by sea to their next destination.  The next day we saw them on the water and on boat trailers as we also left town.

Fish in the water in a high contrast photo to make them visible:

This little green heron was at the fish cleaning station and we could get very close for a photo:

This great egret was on a boat in the harbor:

Notice the tarpon?

This is a high contrast, thus false color, photo of the tarpon:

Diane made friends with a couple cats in the harbor area:

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