April 13 to 20, 2007 - Clear Lake area of CA

April 13th we drove 166 miles to Konocti Vista Casino RV Park in Lakeport, CA.   We last stayed here in September 2004.

After getting set up we drove over to Diane's sister Kimberly's house.  Diane's parents are parked next to the house as they visit Kimberly, her husband Dennis, and the new grandson, Alex.  Diane's parents were here when Alex was born.  Here is a view of the house with the motorhome parked in front:

The view of Clear Lake from the house:

Here are some photos of Alex and his adoring family.  Alex is 29 days old in the first four photos:

Photo gallery of Alex photos each linked to a large photo (slow for dial up users)

Friends coming to visit and meet Alex.  Dennis is the one with the camera:

The backyard (compare to September 2004)

Diane's parents' motorhome barely fits.  Ours would not fit since our slide outs are deeper:

The pool and Rudy:

A view from the top of the hill with the motorhome and house just visible:

A telephoto shot of the house and motorhome from the top of the hill:

Alex's room with the "clouds" on the walls looking like animals and such:

Pet Photos in Kelseyville

We had a good visit.  Alex was the center of attention since he was still eating and getting rid of what he ate about every 1-1/2 to 2 hours.  We did take a day trip to the Vacaville outlet malls and shops one day.  We also had some nice meals out, including the Robinson Rancheria Casino in Nice and the Main Street Bar and Grill in Clear Lake.

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