April 12, 2007 - Mount Tamalpias State Park, CA - Part 1

The rain on the 11th meant the smog would be down so Brian took us to Marin County and up to Mount Tamalpias State Park.  Here are some views from the park towards the ocean:

Down to Stinson Beach to the west:

Enhanced telephoto of the point:

Beach views:

Brian in the picnic area:

Views towards San Francisco:

Telephoto of downtown San Francisco and the Oakland Bay Bridge with Alcatraz:

Pacific Ocean beach of San Francisco:

Even with the rain the day before the smog and haze are still coming in:

Brian and Diane on the trail to the top:

Views from the trail:

Panoramic photo to the north (click for larger 229KB photo):

A crow kept us company:

We turned the corner and could see east to the Richmond Bridge, which we took to get here, with Mount Diablo in the distance.   We went to the top of Mount Diablo in September 2004.

Telephoto of the Richmond Bridge:

More shots:

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