August 11, 2007 - Trip to Longview

We had planned on going with Gregg and Rosalie to try Loggers Restaurant in Knappa, OR for lunch.  Loggers is known for the "Logger Burger".  Turns out Gregg's staple gun died so they wanted to go to Longview/Kelso to get a new one.  We stopped and had lunch at Loggers and the burgers were quite good, almost as good as Miner's in Union Gap, WA (Yakima area).  Everything else was only about 2-star. 

We shopped in Longview and Kelso and Gregg got a new staple gun.  It is about one-and-a-half hours one way to Longview from Ilwaco. 

On the way back we stopped at the Bradley Scenic Viewpoint to visit Art and Bev, who had said to stop by and meet them from an RV forum.  Here are the views from the viewpoint, which looks at the island served by a bridge from Cathlamet, WA and a ferry from Westport, OR, which is just down the hill east of the viewpoint:

Art said he thought the birds were vultures but the ranger said they didn't have vultures here:

It is not a clear shot, but that is a Turkey Vulture head:

We had fun visiting with Art and Bev.  Gregg and Rosalie exchanged contact info with them.  They recommended we try the Silver Salmon in Astoria for a meal.

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