August 10, 2007 - Lunch Trip to Camp 18 Restaurant

Anne and Wayne were going to meet Gregg, Rosalie and us at Camp 18 Restaurant on their way back home from Depoe Bay, OR.  Since cell phone service is iffy on the coast we arranged to meet there.  The four of us took one car and stopped to see the largest Sitka spruce in the lower 48, just up US26 from US101.  Unfortunately the spruce was damaged in storms last winter and is now a wounded giant and will probably die and fall down soon.  Here is a photo of how it looks:

We drove on to Camp 18:

Chain saw sculpture:

We had time so we went down by the creek and picnic area:

The local cat decided we must be "cat people":

A very friendly cat but once he had been greeted and petted by everyone he moved on. 

Some of the stuff to see at Camp 18:

We also took the nature trail while waiting.  Anne and Wayne were caught in traffic and construction zones.  Here they are when they arrived:

We had a great visit and a great meal. 

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