August 4, 2007 - Flight up the Columbia River, Part 2

We arrive at Longview, WA:

The bridge from Rainier, OR to Longview, WA:

Our turnaround point, now looking at Longview as we head west:

Getting rural again:

Nice looking boat launch:

More houses on the Washington side of the river:

Many of the islands were covered with fireweed.  This was the best photo Bill could get of the fireweed:

Nice house on the Washington side:

The bridge at Cathlamet again:

Cathlamet, WA reflected off the bottom of the wing:

Looks like a nice place to sit and rest:

We think this is Skamakowa, WA:

The dredges at work on the river so the big ships can go to Portland:

Just before the Astoria bridge, we are almost finished:

We had to swing south for the landing approach so this is a new perspective:

Another successful flight.

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