January 14, 2009 - Joshua Tree National Park

Gregg and Rosalie came and picked us up to drive to Joshua Tree National Park.  We had lunch in Yucca Valley on the way.  Our last visit to Joshua Tree was March 16, 2005.

We drove up to Key's View:

A panorama from Key's View (click for the 2.87MB full version).

A peak seen from Key's View:

The same photo enhanced:

Another peak enhanced:

It was windy and cool at Key's View so we headed out.  This was a bad time of year to see wildflowers so we did not make many stops.

The Cholla Gardens:

A "Teddy Bear Cholla" (also called "Jumping Cholla" since it jumps onto your clothes and shoes.)

Close up:

A piece on the ground.  These are the main way Teddy Bear Cholla propagates since most of the seeds are sterile.  It is a very affective propagation technique.

We did see a few lizards:

Cottonwood Spring with California Fan Palms:

A guy meditating here by the spring:

It was a short trip through the park but we enjoyed it.

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