December 22, 2009 - Fakahatchee Strand Preserve SP Boardwalk, Part 2

The alligator dived just after this photo.

A green heron was in view a short while and the 20X zoom on the camera was able to catch the bird.

The gator resurfaced.

It is a big one, see the tail?

A black crowned night heron that is not asleep.

With the water level so high we were not seeing that much.  We also saw a male anhinga and a great blue heron, but did not get good photos.

We headed back.  Here is a double-breasted cormorant by the parking lot.

A tri-colored heron by the parking lot.

And the tail of another gator which we did not get close to.  But other people did, in our mind they got too close.

We look forward to another trip here when the water levels go down a bit from the recent rains.

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