August 16, 2009 - Cookout with Dennis and Carol and ...

Dennis and Carol spent the summer in Alaska and had been sending Bill and Nick messages about grilling halibut when they arrived.  We were all ready, but our visit started inside their motorhome due to some rain.

Terry, Dennis, Carol and Nick:



The rain stopped and the grilling began and on top of fresh halibut there was also brats.

Diane and Terry eating, Nick on the phone.

Dennis grilling the brats while the halibut cheeks deep fried.

Halibut cheeks, the best part.  It was all great.

Carol, Diane, Nick, Ron and Brenda (who just arrived but also enjoyed the meal).

Terry, Nick and Ron sitting.  Terry and Dale came by to chat and were standing.

A great visit and meal.  We owe Dennis and Carol.

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