March 10, 2009 - Day Trip to Borrego Springs, Part 2

More wild flowers:

The BLM land where our friends are camped:

We stopped and visited Doug and JoAnn at their campsite and shortly after that Odel and Laurie came and parked.  We all visited for a while before Larry and Joyce came back.  The eight of us were heading to Taco night at the Borrego Springs Resort where we would meet up with Luke and Judy, who were staying in town with other friends.

Boomer camping on BLM land.  Larry and Joyce in the back with Doug and JoAnn in the middle:

Doug and JoAnn's RV with Diane and JoAnn in the photo:

Laurie and Odel:

We had a good time at dinner and got to know Larry and Joyce a bit more since we were least familiar with them.

Afterwards a friend of Luke and Judy took our photos:

By couples: Diane, Bill, JoAnn, Doug, Laurie, Odel, Judy, Luke, Joyce and Larry. 

Afterwards we drove the hour and 20 minutes of twisty, windy road home.

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