September 6, 2008 - Munising, MI Lions Club Rubber Ducky Race, Part 1

We decided to see what was in Munising, about an hour east of our campsite.  We headed out after lunch.

There were some nice scenic spots on the way:

When we got to Munising we saw a banner for the Lions Club Rubber Ducky Race at 2PM at the Anna River.  It was about 1:40PM but we did not know where the Anna River was.  After looking at the small city we decided to head to Pictured Rocks National Seashore.  On the way we found the Anna River and the Rubber Ducky Race.  It looked like more fun than the busy Labor Day Weekend crowds at Pictured Rocks.

They taped swim noodles together to keep the duckies in the channel.

The race start:

Each small ducky was numbered and the last number was over 2,900. 

The larger ducks were sponsored and decorated.

The first race was the sponsored ducks:

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