January 15, 2010 - Shark Valley in Everglades NP, Part 3

More people and alligators.

A green heron.

A nice photo of a female anhinga.

A little blue heron about to catch a small catfish.

Once the little blue heron (LBH) caught the catfish, it spent a long time breaking the catfish's spines to swallow it.  We have three videos:

LBH video 1 (1.41MB WMV)

LBH video 2 (1.04MB WMV)

LBH video 3 (1.63MB WMV)

Someone said "otter" and Bill turned around and caught this otter heading into the water.   It was gone in a flash and the gator noticed.

A great blue heron with a fish.

Don't you just want to cuddle this one?

Another green heron.

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