October 29 to 31, 2010 - Naco (Bisbee area), Arizona

We left Las Cruces on October 29th and headed west on I-10.  We stopped at the Flying J in Lordsburg to get propane and diesel and found their diesel pumps were all out of service.  They were actively working on the problem.  After getting propane we went to a Love's truck stop and fueled up with diesel.  Our credit card was declined at Love's so we used another.  A couple minutes after getting on the road the original credit card company called and we explained why we had hit two truck stops in a short period.  They removed the fraud alert and we don't mind the hassle, they were watching out for us.

Soon we took NM-80 south which became AZ-80 when it crossed into Arizona.  This was something of a time zone change since we went from Mountain Daylight Time to Mountain Standard Time, since Arizona does not implement Daylight Time.  80 is a lonely road and at least one third of the vehicles we saw were Border Patrol.  Our plan had been to camp in Bisbee but the only campground was full so they suggested Turquoise Valley Golf and RV Park in Naco, a few miles south.  We called and were told to pick a site then come pay at the pro shop.  So we pulled in, picked a site, and Diane went to pay.  She found out they had assigned us a campsite but it was probably OK to be where we were at.  A few minutes later they called and said we did have to move to the assigned campsite.  Luckily our phone stayed with American towers since we are next to Mexico.  We are not sure the campsite we initially tried was ever filled during our stay.

Here is our final campsite.  We are definitely using satellite internet here.

The motorhome is not leaning, but that is how it looks.

It was nice and warm here, in the low 80s. 

The border fence into Naco, Mexico is only a few blocks away.

A common sign in Naco.

This looks like the way into the U.S. from Mexico.

Day trip to Bisbee on October 30th, Part 1, Part 2

Halloween day, the 31st, we did not go anywhere.

Now we are off to Tucson.

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